kundalini yoga; the yoga of

awareness & dynamic frequency

with influences of bhakti- , raja- , shakti- and hatha yoga, the central focus of kundalini yoga is awakening the kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine. the kundalini yoga practice includes bandha, pranayama, asana, mudra, visualization, meditation and mantra.


indulge yourself with connection & inspiration

courses, events &
weekly classes


whether you are longing to try kundalini yoga for the first time, to immerse yourself in intensive practice, or just enjoy the presence of community, we are here for you. we offer courses in both finnish and english, as well as monthly moon meditations and other special events.


 something for

all your senses

we love and appreciate beautiful things that make all our senses feel good. in addition to our downstairs yoga space, you’ll also find our little yogi shop with herbal teas, yogic literature, gift cards and handmade accessories.

our yogi shop is open bEFORE & AFTER each of OUR WEEKLY CLASSES




let us host you next event

bring your workshop or classes to our space

our vibrant space is an ideal venue for workshops of all kinds, yoga classes, women’s circles and other creative gatherings. located between viiskulma and eira hospital, our peaceful school consists of a street level room full of light, and a cozy downstairs practice studio.

herbal tea service and good energy is always on the house.



our healing studio

every person has the ability to heal and come back into homeostasis. our healing studio is an invitation to reach the betterment of the total self. the somatic techniques of TAIYO work with the natural blueprint of the body, encouraging the unlocking of both physical and emotional trauma.